Welcome To The Revolution

Our goal at Artistic Revolution Experience is to give young dancers the opportunity to create...

~ Interpret who you are through the quality of movement ~
~ Tell your story ~
~ Reach others through dance ~

We strive to create a positive environment where you can be yourself without the weight of competition on you. To allow the inner artist to develop under the supervision of master artists.

The three day events allow students to work in a professional atmosphere with their mentors and learn from them.

Collaborate, Create, Perform...Together

Program Overview

Artistic Revolution Experience
Two Age Groups: 9-11 | 12 & Up

Join The Revolution

The Artistic Revolution Experience
An innovative event, nurturing young artists to discover the choreographer within and to learn while dancing with others that share the same talents.

Collaboration Instead
Of Competition

Where Minds & Talents Come To Life
Join dancers from other studios and work together on a piece of choreography to be presented in our showcase on the third day of the event.

Dancing With Others

Coming Together, Creating Together,
Performing Together

Master Teachers will select dancers from all different studios, during an audition process, to learn a piece of their choreography to be presented in our showcase on the third day of the event.

Spread Your Wings

Ignite Your Inner Artist &
Learn To Choreograph

Bring your ideas to life! Groups will be randomly selected and given a theme to create their piece of choreography together. From steps to costumes, hairpieces and makeup…dancers will be asked to bring costumes, accessories & unique items to assist in this creation. Groups will be guided by our Master Teachers & Choreographers and work closely with them to learn how this process is achieved properly.

Emerging Young Artists

Sharing Talents & Skills To Flourish & Inspire
An event like none other ~ Bringing dancers together that appreciate the art of dance! Young artists will emerge from sharing together and creating stories told through movement in a positive & encouraging environment.

Show Your Artistry

Showcase Up To 3 Routines From Your Studio
At the end of our three-day event, we will hold a showcase of student choreography, master teacher choreography and participating studios can bring up to three routines! Our master teachers will give feedback and recognition awards will be given. No competition ~ Just performance!